Day 1 recap

Wednesday was really fascinating. We heard speakers from Latin America, Europe and Australia – there was a huge diversity of content and viewpoints coming together under the banking revolution theme. Looking forward to Thursday’s sessions when we start to look at some alternative views on the future for banking and payments.

Meanwhile, here is a quick recap of some of the things we heard from our expert and client speakers. Maybe these resonated with you and your institution?

Mark Davey, EVP, International
“Banking is at a turning point. We must adapt to new environments with customer-centric strategies.”
“Key themes for banks to focus on in the future include customers, new channels and new markets.”
“By 2015, mobile payments could reach $1 trillion worldwide.”

Gary Norcross, President and COO
“FIS is uniquely positioned with its unmatched global reach and distribution to address different needs in every region. Our global footprint is expanding as we enter new markets, and we have a strong presence in key growth regions and over 110 countries, which creates a strong foundation upon which we continue to grow.”
“We just signed on with VietinBank in Vietnam, which is a new market for us and one with tremendous opportunity.”

Ralph Silva, keynote speaker
“Money has no value with customers other than what it can do.”
“We no longer control customers … banks have to adapt to changes in human beings, not technology.”
“15,000 Dutch people are walking around with data chips implanted in their arms.” Is this the wave of the future?

Scott Fowler, SunCorp
“An outsourced arrangement was heavily considered, but SunCorp Bank wanted to invest in growing this capability in house for future payments expansion across the Group.”

Peter Griffiths, CEO, Sainsbury’s Bank
“Customer data is yet to be fully utilised by supermarket brands.”
“Rich data is the key to the future of banking.”

Stuart Butler, VP, Skrill
“Sharing money with friends and family just got a whole world simpler.”

Boxley Llewellyn, Retail Banking Director, IBM
“Smarter banks will think like retailers. Banks need to extend the branch and match the current virtual/physical experience offered by retailers.”
“Customers want to know what their peers are doing. Banks need to offer this service.”
“Mobile is much more than a channel. It is a connection to the human being.”

Don’t forget to tweet about your experience at #FISbanking2013.

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